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SIP Calculator

A Systematic Investment Plan is a popular liquid investment plan that is popularly known as SIP.

SIP is designed to invest in mutual funds in a consistent and disciplined manner

Nowadays SIP is offered by all the Financial institutions in India you do not need to get a SIP calculator for every Institution Like-

SBI SIP Calculator:

If you want to check returns on SBI SIP then you can use this calculator you just need the expected rate of return.

Because the return rate is different for every plan offered by institution

You can check the history of the mutual fund where you want to invest There you will get the exact date of ROI

PNB SIP Calculator

There are various plans offered by PNB bank

If you want to invest in PNB SIP then check the return data of PNB SIP and fill in the calculator

HSBC SIP Calculator

Check the return of SIP offered by HSBC SIP

Fill all the data like –

Monthly Investment

Return Percentage


And your calculation will be ready

Importance of SIP Calculator

Calculators help in our financial planning. You can know the expected return on investment according to what you invest in SIP

You do not need to disrupt your monthly budget

You can plan your investment without disturbing your present need

How it Works:

This is simply a formula-based calculator. It follows the rule of bank

The formula to determine SIP returns is as follows:

M = P × [{(1+r)n – 1} / r]


M = Maturity amount P = Monthly investment amount r = Rate of interest (monthly) n = Investment period (in months)

This formula calculates the maturity amount you can expect from your SIP investment based on the investment amount, investment period, and expected rate of return.

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