Do-Follow Backlink A Step By Step Guide

Do you want a higher rank on google? Don’t you want high traffic? Do you want to improve your domain authority?

If yes then you are in the right place because I’m going to tell you backlink building method and backlink is the most important factor to get all these things.

As we know that do-follow backlink is more important than a no-follow link. The reason that you should always try to get a do-follow backlink.

Here in this article, you will come to know how to get a do-follow link.

Importance of Do-Follow backlink

Let’s understand with an example

Take a keyword with high search volume like “8 plus iPhone” which have search volume – 1220000 and CPC – 2$

Now search this keyword on Google – here is the result

The top 4 sites ranking on keyword “8 Plus iPhone” are –

1- Amazon: Scored the first rank with 74 quality backlink for this particular page

2- Gsmarena: Scored the second rank with 2470 quality link for this particular page

3 – Apple: Company itself scored the third rank with 6370 quality link for this particular page

4 – Gadgets.ndtv: Scored the fourth rank with 1971 quality link for the particular page

Now if you change the keyword from “8 plus iPhone” to “iPhone 8 plus” the result will be the same.

Now you can see the power of quality backlink how Gsmarena and Gadgets.ndtv fighting with Amazon and apple. And scored the rank between the first five.

Now the question is how to get quality backlink?

To get the quality backlink you can apply “WP method”

WP Method of backlink building:

Writing Method:

In the writing method, you can write on various platforms and generate backlink for your site like-

Guest post writing

Blog writing

Blog comment writing

Testimonial writing

Guest Post Writing:

Guest post writing is one of the oldest and proven methods to create quality backlinks. If you write on an average one post every month for high DA sites you will see a huge increase in your traffic and domain authority. I created a list for guest posting sites click on the link and go there to apply for the guest post writing.

Blog Writing:

Guys writing a blog for your own site on a regular basis help to improve the domain authority. But if you write a unique content that goes viral can provide you a huge quality backlink. Or if you write a post that is the source for others can provide you a quality backlink. So try to be the source of the information.

Blog Comment Writing:

Commenting on relevant posts provides you a quality backlink but here you get the No-follow link. Although you should do the blog commenting because some sites provide you follow backlink so there is a chance to get that quality do-follow link. Commenting also helps in traffic increase. Suppose any of the blog posts are getting l lakh view par day and you have commented on that post and by that comment link you get 1% traffic means you will get one thousand visitors per day by just one comment.

Testimonial Writing:

Writing a testimonial is a great way to popularise your brand value. It provides do-follow link juice to your site. You can research how to write a good testimonial and design it accordingly.

Posting Method:

Forum Posting

Social Posting

Article Posting

PDF Posting

Image Posting

Infographic Posting



Forum Posting:

Posting into the forum is a great way to generate do-follow backlink. Forums provide you a specific and targeted backlink. You can increase your followers by providing solutions for problems. You can join the forum in which area you have knowledge. Now go to the forum see the questions and provide the solution by referring your article. Click the link to find the forum site list.

Social Posting:

Posting on social media helps to popularise your post as much as you get share and like your post become more popular and provide the chance to get a do-follow backlink. By the way, social bookmarking provides you a no-follow link. but the share and likes on your post give an opportunity for a do-follow link. Go to the social bookmarking site list and create your profile and start sharing your blog post there.

Article Posting:

Article posting sites are designed to post your article on their site. These sites provide you with backlink opportunities as well as traffic opportunities. But there you need to be more careful because due to more acceptance of post some sites become spammy. The reason that I have created a list of article posting sites with spam score you can go there get the list and start posting your post.

PDF Posting:

PDF posting sites not only give an opportunity to create backlinks also provide you huge traffic on your site. As you know scribed have a large user base if you submit PDF on this site you will get traffic as well as a quality backlink for your site.

Image Posting:

Images are best to share your thought and they can popularise your site better than words. Do share image with the sites which accept images and create a backlink for your site.

Infographic Posting:

Infographics one of the best ways to create backlinks in 2020. Infographics are short pictures blended with full of information. you can create good infographics for your site as well as for others. It’s one of the best and proven ways to generate quality backlinks.


Profiling helps you to increase your presence over the internet. If you want to increase the brand value of your site start doing profiling. After doing profiling you will see an increase in domain authority as well as traffic.


In 2020 podcasting becomes one of the major sources to create backlink and increase domain authority. The popularity of podcasts is increasing day by day so you should start doing podcasting as soon as possible.

Get the tools for backlink building by clicking the below link

Tool For BackLink Building


Creating backlink is a gradual process don’t try to create huge backlink in just one day. it can harm your site google can penalize you for spamming. Creating backlink is one of the toughest work of SEO so have patience it takes time.

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