Top 10 High Authority Trusted social bookmarking sites list


When it comes to branding social sites become important. It gives you the opportunity to do the branding of newly opened sites

High authority social bookmarking sites give you a platform to share your post and generate some views on newly opened sites.

Note: Sharing on spammy social sites can lead to an increase in spam scores. when you do the search for social bookmarking sites you will get 500+ and even more social bookmarking sites.

But when I did the research I find most of them are spammy.

Let’s get the list of social bookmarking sites with a spam score.

1- Reddit: DA – 90 PA – 90 SS – 1%

One of the most trusted sites. But it doesn’t allow to share post simply like Facebook and other social sites. To avoid spamming, this quality of the site makes it unique. To start posing on this site you will have to increase your trust on this site by increasing “Karma”.

2- Scoopit: DA – 92 PA – 74 SS – 1%

Easy and effective social site. it gives you the opportunity to share your blog post and create the backlink of your site.

3- Pinterest: DA – 94 PA – 82 SS – 1%

Effective social site. you can create unlimited pins and include them on the pinboard.

4- Tumblr: DA – 88 PA – 99 SS – 11%

Usually, I don’t recommend the site with spam score 11% but due to eases of this site I have included in my site list but you have the choice you can ignore this site if your site spam score has already increased.

5- Mix: DA – 82 PA – 57 SS – 1%

An essential social media platform with high authority and trust. Easy to use and share.

6- Myspace: DA – 95 PA – 81 SS – 1%

Trusted social platform a little bit boring I don’t like its slide showing post but it helps in branding and page authority.

7- Fark: DA – 74 PA – 67 SS – 1%

Easy site URL submission and blog post URL submission make it a perfect social bookmarking site for bloggers.

8- Bibsonomy: DA – 61 PA – 50 SS – 1%

Bibsonomy also provides the facility to submit URL like fark you can go to add bookmark section and paste the URL you want to submit.

9- Diigo: DA – 89 PA – 73 SS – 1%

This site gives you the option to create a group and my outliner link.

10- Pocket: DA – 91 PA – 59 SS – 1%

Simple and easy like mix and myspace it takes very little time to create a post and share them.


There is much more social site but I have included only those which are not spammy.

Please add more social bookmarking sites if you find them they are not spammy.


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