Digital Marketing Basic Guide


Marketing has consistently been tied in with interfacing the correct spot and at the opportune time with their group of spectators. Today, this means that you need to spend time on the Internet where they already have to complete them. Enter digital marketing – In other words, marketing is a form that is available online. …

How does social media affect SEO


Does social media affect SEO ? do share on twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Pinterest actually help to get noticed by google. Actually Delima situation starts with the statement of Google’s Matt Cutts he releases a video saying that social indicators like twitter retweet facebook like does not impact on google ranking. After the statement, most of …

Does duplicate content affect SEO


Display of the same content on more than one website (URL) known as a duplicate content. According to Google: Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely matches other content or are appreciably similar. Mostly, this is not deceptive in origin. Here get the easy explanation of …