Top 8 Website Traffic and Backlink Data Analysis

Friends, Website analysis helps to understand the performance of the website

But competitor website analysis helps to improve the SEO and backlink profile of the website

Here in this blog, I am going to do an analysis of well known established website

This will help you a lot to do the for your website and write a blog

top website analysis

Let’s start with Backlinko

Backlinko website analysis and traffic statistics

Backlinko is a well-known website for SEO learning

Traffic history data:

JAN 20130
JAN 20144.1K
JAN 20157.7K
JAN 201628.5K
JAN 201785.1k
JAN 201881k
JAN 2019244.1k
JAN 2020409.6k
JAN 2021650.3k
JAN 2022863.8k
JAN 2023606k

You can see every website takes time to improve

at present website have a backlink from 58096 referring domain of which 49000 are active referring domain

Follow backlinks are – 40000

No follow backlinks – 9000

Top organic keyword – 83000

Keyword ranking between 1-3 positions – 4200

Click to See Backlinko Referring domain

Page Referring domain ranking on search engine

If you search you will find the indexed pages ranking on search engines have an average of 3000 referring domains pointing to a particular page

It also proved my post on SEO statistics right where I mentioned

The top-ranking page has 3000 referring domains

Top Ranking keyword

  • search engine position analysis
  • sem and SEO
  • content schedule
  • content repurposing
  • simple SEO tips for better rankings
  • basic SEO practices
  • how to rank a website on Google

You can see some of the keywords have difficulty levels above 80

Can you get a Rank on these keywords?

Yes it’s possible to get ranked on any keyword you just need

1- Better content than him

2- 49000 referring domains pointing to your domain

3- 3000 referring domains pointing to your web page

Let’s come to our next site for website analysis Search engine journal

Search engine journal website analysis and traffic statistics

SEJ is popular in the SEO industry

You can find all the updates related to Search engine

Traffic data analysis:

Year Traffic
JAN 201278.4K
JAN 201374.3k
JAN 201476.8k
JAN 201563.5k
JAN 201692k
JAN 2017149.1k
JAN 2018214.9k
JAN 2019682.9k
JAN 20201.9M
JAN 20212.4M
JAN 20221.3M
JAN 20233.2M

You can see its difficult to gain traffic in the initial days

Once this website crosses the 1 lack visitor it achieved the next high within a year

The website has a backlink from148000 referring domain

Although Active referring domains are 88000

Active Follow backlink referring domains are – 75146

No-follow referring domains are – 13000

Click to see the search engine journal referring domain

Top-ranking pages on search engine

The website has various pages which have a backlink from more than 3000 referring domains

Some popular pages are-

History of Google Algorithm Updates

How to Choose a Domain Name This single web page is getting backlinks from approx 70k referring domains

The top anchor text is the Source – “indicate the website is the data source for Other websites”

Top Ranking Keyword-

The website is ranking on 317000 keyword

PositionKeyword volume

Some Popular Keywords on which the website is ranking is –

  • content gap analysis
  • latent sematic indexing
  • content calendar 2023
  • search en
  • how to find where a video came from

Once again our question is can you rank on these keywords by completing this website

The answer is yes but you need better quality content and referring domain

Our Next website is the Search engine Land

Search Engine Land Website Analysis

Search Engine Land is a renowned website in the SEO industry

Website Provide information related to SEO and search engine updates

Website Traffic data analysis

Let’s understand the website traffic growth every year from 2012

JAN 2012534.5k
JAN 2013435k
JAN 2014557.4k
JAN 2015518.1k
JAN 20161M
JAN 20172M
JAN 20181.9M
JAN 20191.4M
JAN 20202.2M
JAN 20212M
JAN 20221.5M
JAN 2023938K

Website traffic data shows reduce in traffic in 2023 by almost 50%

Backlink Data analysis:

The website has a backlink from 113000 referring domain

Active Referring domain – 95000

Do-Follow Referring Domains – 78000

No-follow Referring Domains- 16820

Click to see the referring domain of the search engine land

Indexed Page analysis:

Top pages are getting backlinks from 2000 referring domain

Some top pages are –

What Is SEO:- Page is getting backlinks from 4500 referring domain

60 percent of searches now from mobile devices – Page is getting backlinks from 1700 referring domain

The top anchor text is – Search engine land

it shows the website focus on a brand keyword to acquire a backlink

Top Ranking keyword analysis –

Website is ranking on 137000 keyword

PositionKeyword Volume

Top keyword on which website ranking on 1st position

  • website optimization seo
  • tik tok algorithm explained
  • seo search engine optimizer
  • does tiktok have an algorithm
  • people also ask tracking

Note – You should not target the keyword on which industry top websites are ranking.

But it does not mean you can not target

to get rank on these keywords you need money and manpower

Our next website is Neilpatel

Neilpatel Website Analysis

Neil Patel is a reputed digital marketer

You can learn various digital marketing tips from his website

Website traffic data analysis

YearTraffic volume
JAN 201239
JAN 2013113
JAN 2014253
JAN 20151.4K
JAN 20167.9K
JAN 2017180.1K
JAN 2018501.1K
JAN 20191.1M
JAN 20202.6M
JAN 20216.4M
JAN 20224.2M
JAN 20233.2M

Note: I have observed it takes 5 to 6 years to generate a good amount of traffic

Website is no more only a blogging website it’s getting traffic because of the Ubersuggest tool its similar to Aherfs and Semrush

Neilpatel Backlink Data analysis:

The total Referring domain pointing toward the website is 131000

Active Referring domain is – 112000

Follow Referring Domain is – 95700

The no-follow referring domain is – 16300

Indexed page analysis shows the website is getting the maximum referring domains on his tools (Ubersuggest) web page

Click to see the referring domain of the Neilpatel website

Keyword Data Analysis

The total Ranking keyword of the website is 368000

Keyword PositionRanking Keyword Volume

Our next website is Wordstream

WordStream Traffic Data Analysis

YearsTraffic Volume
JAN 201275K
JAN 2013136.7K
JAN 2014174.8K
JAN 2015202.5K
JAN 2016323.2K
JAN 2017641.2K
JAN 2018866.4K
JAN 20191.2M
JAN 20202.7M
JAN 20213.8M
JAN 20221.5M
JAN 20232.7M

The website is popular for Keyword toll

WordStream Backlink data analysis

The total referring domain providing a backlink to the website is – 75000

Active Referring Domain is – 63000

Do-Follow referring domain is – 54183

No-Follow Referring Domain is – 9600

A popular Indexed web page is a tool page as a result it’s getting backlinks from 7000 referring domains

The popular anchor of the website is Brand Name

Click to see the referring domain of Wordstream

Keyword Data Analysis

The total Ranking keyword of the website is 337000

PositionKeyword Volume

The website is ranking on various high-difficulty keywords

Our next website is Ahrefs

Ahrefs Website Analysis

Ahrefs is a very popular SEO tool along with this it provides various Informative SEO blog posts on its blog page

Ahrefs Traffic Data Analysis

YearsKeyword Volume
JAN 20128.7K
JAN 20131.2K
JAN 20142.9K
JAN 20153.4K
JAN 20169.5K
JAN 201770.6K
JAN 201879.3K
JAN 2019322.1K
JAN 2020693.5K
JAN 20211.2M
JAN 20221M
JAN 20231.4M

Hubspot Traffic Data Analysis

YearsTraffic Volume
JAN 201261.1K
JAN 2013123.2K
JAN 2014201K
JAN 2015289.6K
JAN 2016829.4K
JAN 20172.7M
JAN 20183.6M
JAN 20196.3M
JAN 202011.2M
JAN 202115.6M
JAN 202214.8M
JAN 202323.6M

Awesome growth

Hubspot Backlink Data Analysis

The total acquired backlink from the referring domain is 377692

Click To See Referring Domain Data

Hootsuite Traffic Data Analysis

YearsTraffic Volume
JAN 20121.2K
JAN 20134.5K
JAN 20144.4K
JAN 201527.3K
JAN 201673.6K
JAN 2017362.5K
JAN 2018730.1K
JAN 20191.3M
JAN 20208.8M
JAN 20216.1M
JAN 20224.8M
JAN 20236.6M

Hootsuite Backlink Analysis

Total backlink 2.1M from the referring domains of 77829

Click here to see the Hootsuite Referring domain data

Oberlo Traffic Data Analysis

YearsTraffic Volume
JAN 2012
JAN 2013
JAN 2014
JAN 2015
JAN 20160
JAN 2017136.5K
JAN 2018312.1K
JAN 20191.3M
JAN 20203.1M
JAN 20215.2M
JAN 20223.6M
JAN 20233.5M

The website is not showing any data before 2015 it seems they start working from 2016

Backlink Data analysis

The total Backlink strength of the website is 1.7 Million from the 77000 referring domains

Click to see the Oberlo referring domain data


Guys I observed from the data analysis it’s hard to get traffic in the initial days

So have patience and work hard on your website

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