Google Core Update March 2024

Guys Google March core update will take effect from the 5th of May 2024 still you have time to correct your website.

As an SEO strategist, we have seen the past core update impact on websites

So you should not ignore the core update policy as it can ruin your website ranking.

Previously google just warned you through manual action or sending a notice and downgrading ranking

but this time it’s taking harsh action by deindexing your website without any partiality between new and established website

Google march 2024 core update

Let’s see the three core updates-

1- expired domain abuse

2- Scaled content abuse

3- site reputation abuse

Expired domain abuse:

Now Google is very serious with expired domain abuse

Either you are using an expired domain to boost your domain authority by redirecting high authority expired domain


You create thin content on high authority expired domain

the result will be the same your website will get deindexed from the Google search engine without a warning

Scaled content abuse:

The creation of multiple pages to boost content authority without adding value to pages is called scaled content abuse.

After the invention of AI, we have seen some website owners create multiple pages on the same topic to boost topical authority

Although these pages don’t add value to a website but improve topical authority.

As we know topical authority improves website ranking in particular topics

Now you can not create these low-quality pages to improve topical authority

If you want to seriously improve topical authority you need to create valuable pages

Site reputation abuse:

Guys, you may be aware of the parasite SEO. In this strategy, bloggers used to gain traffic from third-party websites.

But now Google is going to take action on these practices

Now you can not manipulate high authority sites to gain traffic.

After this update parasite SEO practice will be dead.

Google aims to improve quality content on search results by downgrading low-quality autogenerated content

Important point to keep in mind for the March update

There are the following points you should keep in mind-

1- Google has provided enough time to update your website (The effective date for the core update is 5th May)

2- There is no place for automated content. you will not get notice to improve it will directly deindex your content without notification

3- Parasite SEO is going to be dead

4- You can not abuse website authority.


The March update will change the search engine result page. Be prepared for changes many authoritative sites have been already deindexed

Spammers have no place in the current SEO era

It’s a waste to get backlinks from low-authority content sites


Q – Can I get help from ai tools to create content

Ans – No it’s against the March update policy now you need to create quality content that provides value to users.

Q- Can google detect AI content

Now Google is enough smart to detect AI content it will remove all the AI-generated content

Q – Can I still use authoritative websites like Quora and Medium for parasite SEO

Yes still you can use these sites but with quality content

Q- Can I use the profile backlink after this update

Google is focusing more on content but still, if you want to improve your presence over the internet you need to create a profile on various websites.

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