What are the High PR Backlinks?

Hello friends, Do you want to know what is a high pr backlink? Are you confused between PR and PA and want to clear your dought?

Then my friend you are in the right place in this article I will explain to you what is high pr backlinks and what is difference between PA and PR backlinks.

What is the importance of high pr links and how to get high pr do-follow backlinks for your blog or website?

As we know backlink is still a priority ranking factor for search engine. as a result we need to be very active while creating backlink for our blog.

As it can make hit our blog or it can ruin our blog because black hat backlinks hit your blog negatively.

And you can not afford to lose your hard work due to poor quality backlinks. Always try to get quality backlinks.

It will help you to stay in the long run. and blogging can not be a short-term goal its long term goal you achieve slowly.


What is a High PR Backlink?

Link juice you get from high-ranking pages is called high PR backlinks. Here high-ranking pages menace page rank on search engine result pages.

The search engine result page is the outcome of a keyword search in the search engine. when you ask any question to a search engine or put any word or keyword in a search engine search box it crawls the keyword and produces an answer.

The pages where search engines produce results are called search engine result pages. to produce these SERP search engines use a designed algorithm that we know as SEO.

Its simple here PR refers to page ranking and links from these pages called high pr backlinks

High-pr pages get high traffic as a result your blog gets direct referral traffic from these high-pr pages.

Along with this, it’s obvious that if any page has high pr it may have high page authority, as a result, it passes a strong link juice to your blog.

Importance of High PR Links:

High PR pages are very important from the perspective of backlinks. It can improve the quality of traffic to your website. there is the following Importance of high pr pages.

1- Provide Quality referral traffic

2- Improve off-page SEO score

3- Page authority get improves due to high-quality backlink

4- Improve Domain authority

5- Send good indication to search engine

Difference between PR, PA & UR:

Guys PA and UR are linked with PR. Because high PA and UR pages can generate high PR pages. These are the terminology used by different-different tools.

PR refers to Page ranking whereas PA refers to Page Authority and UR refers to Url rating.

But in terms of backlinking, we denote high pr links as the most trusted high authority link. there is a very thin difference between these terms.

We know if a page has high PR it means it has high PA as a result backlinks from these websites are called high pr backlink websites.

Example of a High authority website:

Here are some examples of high authority websites if you get link juice from these websites it will be called a high pr website backlink or high pr link.

1- Pinterest – Pinterest generate high authority link juice for every page’s backlink from this website is known as a high pr backlink

2- Wikipedia – If you get a backlink from Wikipedia it will be treated as a high pr backlink

3- Google- Google also provides very high-quality backlink juice

4- WordPress – you can create a blog on a free WordPress website link from these sites are also treated as high pr links we called them high pr do-follow backlinks

5- Quora: It’s one of the public blog network platforms that also generates high pr link juice.

How to get high pr backlink:

There are various tools available in the market with them you can create a high pr backlink. One of them is SEMrush. I love this tool because of its largest crawler after the google search engine.

First, try this software with the trial version it’s free of cost if you feel good with this software continue with it.

To get the high pr backlink just paste any domain you want to analyze in the search box of SEMrush and create a filter with DA 90 to 100 websites.

It will produce you all the high authority websites and you can see the method by which your competitor has created these backlinks.

Along with this, I have also created a site post list that can help you create high pr quality backlinks for your website.

1- High PR Profile creation websites

2- High PR social bookmarking sites

3- High PR Classified sites

4- High PR Free blog sites

5- High PR web 2.0 sites

There are various other methods that can help you get high pr backlinks

Competitor analysis:

An easy and effective way to get high-page rank backlinks is competitor analysis. explore all the backlinks created by your competitor and get the backlink

You can use a tool like SEMrush. Go to the SEMrush dashboard and paste the domain name of your competitor it will show an overview profile of the competitor’s website.

Select the backlink tab and do the analysis of competitor backlinks. Now select the high authority backlink. as I have stated above high authority backlink produces high pr links.

High pr backlinks websites list:

S.no.High pr backlinks sites listD.A.

FAQ Related to high pr backlinks

how to get high pr backlinks free

If you want high-page rank backlinks for free follow the rule of content marketing. Although I have given some websites list with the help of that you can create the base of your website.

how to build high pr backlinks

Follow the above-given steps to build high Page ranking backlinks

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