Best Blogger Theme For Adsense Approval

Guy,s are you searching for the best blogger theme for AdSense approval then you are at the right place. In this article, I will provide you. An AdSense-friendly theme that will help you monetize your blog.

We all know the importance of money in today’s world. if you are writing a blog to spread information and you love to write a blog then definitely you should monetize your blog.

It’s the best way to make money with passion.

Now many of us have blogs but not getting approval from AdSense. It does not mean you can not monetize your blog there are various options that you can use to monetize your blog.

Like – Affiliate programs and other advertisers.

But here we will talk about the Adsense approval monetization method.

Friends, it’s very easy to get AdSense approval. I have also AdSense approval and show google ads on my website

You just need SEO friendly templet for your website and need to create some necessary pages.

Important Pages to get AdSense approval:

  • Contact Page
  • About me
  • Privacy notice
  • At least 10 blog posts.

Write 10 blog posts on your website then apply for Adsense. Don’t be in a hurry as you can not earn money from the first day.

Because you can not generate traffic to your website from the first day it will take time.

What is Adsense friendly theme:

Theme or template that provides easy AdSense approval called “Adsense friendly theme”. Google Adsense team visits your website before approving your application.

If they find you are following their guidelines they approve your AdSense application. otherwise, you will phase rejection.

Some guidelines are- an SEO-friendly theme and easy navigation.

What is a responsive SEO-friendly blogger templet:

Themes that provide fast loading on the web browser and easy access to users as well an admin called Responsive SEO friendly blogger templet.

Responsive themes provide a desktop view as well as a mobile. Nowadays search engines follow mobile view first. If your template is mobile SEO friendly it will get ranked easily on the search engine ranking page.

With the help of responsive themes, you get easy Adsense approval.

It provides you with simple customization-


Header customization option

Footer customization option

Page Creation

All the facilities you can avail in responsive templet.

10+ Adsence Friendly blogger Templets

There are the following Blogger Theme For Adsense Approval

1- MagLite: Blogger Theme For Adsense Approval

MagLite theme is based on magazine pattern sites. It’s one of the best AdSense friendly as well as SEO-friendly themes. It’s responsive to the mobile browser as well as the desktop browser.

MagLite is the best lightweight theme as a result it provides fast downloading on browser

Blogger-Theme-For-Adsense Approval

Style – Gallery

New post – square shape box

Link to Download – Demo Download

2- BuzzSpot: Blogger Theme For Adsense Approval

Light weighted magazine style-based theme. Its light weight makes it faster compared to other normal themes. It’s friendly to SEO. Search engines like SEO-friendly themes as they provide the best experience to users.

A unique theme for Adsense approval you should try if you are new to blogger.


A light weighted user responsive and easy to customize.

Link to download – Demo/ Download

3- Colorify: Adsence & SEO-Friendly Theme

Colorify can be used for personal blog use as well as for business. Its best Ad friendly theme particularly designed for ad placement.

If a blogger has technical knowledge he can do the coding and can do the changes in the theme. Like providing space for advertisement.

But if you don’t know to code then you need a simple ad friendly theme.

Colorify is simple and can be operated by non-technical bloggers.

Link to Download – Demo/Download

4- Paperify: Blogger Theme For Adsense Approval

Simple and easy-to-use SEO-friendly theme. It comes with social media icons. you just need to paste the link. A light weighted responsive theme.

It provides various features like-

  • Dark mode
  • Grid post
  • Rtl version
Blogger Theme For Adsense Approval

I love this theme because of its simplicity. Easy to use and user-friendly.

Links to download – Demo/Download

5- FlexNews: Adsence & SEO-Friendly Theme

User-friendly lighted weighted theme. It comes with easy customization as a result you can do changes according to your need.

Its best for both. From the perspective of Adsense and SEO

If you are new to blogging then you should try it.

Link to download – Demo/Download

6- Mago: SEO-friendly Blogger Theme

Mago is a user-friendly responsive theme. It comes with an easy customization option that can be done by non-technical bloggers.

It provides a stunning view.


Link to download- Demo/Download

7- NewsPaper: blogger-theme-for-Adsense-approval

The newspaper theme is particularly designed for the blogger platform. If you aim for advertisement earning then this theme can be best for you.

Jut follow the guideline of Adsense and use this theme.

Link to download – Demo/Download

8 – Crafter: Blogger Theme For Adsense Approval

Crafter is a great theme in the manner of responsiveness and user-friendliness. If you like lighted weighted them then you should use them.


Link to download – Demo/Download

9- NewSEO: Blogger Theme For Adsense Approval

Good theme for new bloggers. Easy to customize and easy to write blog posts. It provides space in the header for the responsive ad.


Links to download – Demo/Download

10 – OnePress: Adsense-Friendly Theme

OnePress is the best Adsense-friendly theme you can use for blogging.

Link to download – Demo/Download


These are the best theme for blogger platforms you can use them but changing themes frequently is not a good idea as it can harm your SEO.

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