WordPress SEO Services

There are various WordPress SEO services available on the Saukrit platform but first talk about WordPress.

WordPress is one of the largest CMS platforms used by website owners due to its simplicity. there are two platforms one is wordpress.com and the second is wordpress.org.

WordPress SEO services

wordpress.org is a self-hosted platform where wordpress.com is powered by WordPress itself.

As we know every website requires SEO to rank within the first five of the first page of the search engine. similarly, WordPress websites also require SEO to rank.

This blog will talk about WordPress SEO services.

WordPress SEO services:

There are the following WordPress SEO services

  • WordPress speed optimization
  • Installation of SEO Plug-in
  • Content development strategy
  • Link development & analysis
  • Google analytics configuration
  • URL optimization
  • XML sitemap management
  • Detailed SEO report

WordPress speed optimization:

Speed is a search engine ranking factor that is officially announced fact by search engines. As we know users want quick results.

So our first priority is speed.

There are various speed-measuring tools available on the online platform

Like –


Google insights

Etc. etc.

with these tools, you can increase downloading speed of your landing pages. that will ultimately improve the search engine ranking of your landing pages.

while providing WordPress SEO services we also help you to improve your website page speed.

Installation of SEO Plug-in:

WordPress is an awesome platform for website development. There are various easy plug-in tools available on this platform that help to improve the website.

You can select SEO Plug-in to improve SEO.

Example –

Yoast, schema markup, etc.

there are much more plug-ins available you can select all of them according to your need.

One thing I want to clear SEO can be improved without a plug-in but a plug-in makes it simple.

Content development strategy:

Content is the main part of the blog. It’s your content that increases user retention by engagement. if you want to grow your blog you will have to be consistent.

Like- if you write one blog post in a week then write and post consistently every week.

consistency is the key to success.

what we provide in content development.

We provide SEO-optimized content.

What is SEO-optimized content?

content that has a good readability score along with keyword, meta tag, and title tag, called SEO-optimized content.

you can build your own content development strategy according to your suitability.

WordPress SEO services by Link-development & analysis:

Link development is the main part of of-page SEO. If you want to increase the ranking of the blog/website you should be more focused on link building.

What we do in link analysis:

We categorize links according to – domain authority and spam score

we work on high-domain authority links that boost your domain authority.

the method we use in link building are:-

Guest post

Profile creation

social bookmarking

article submission

Google Analytics configuration:

Google Analytics is the method to track your work performance. After configuration with google analytics, you can get real-time user data.

Google Analytics helps us to understand:

  • Unique visitors
  • demography
  • gender
  • used device
  • spend time

With these factors, we can do an analysis of the traffic we are getting on our website.

what we do in google analytics configuration WordPress SEO services:

we help you with configuration once setup is done we help you to customize the google analytics dashboard.

we provide a custom and unique google analytics dashboard.

WordPress SEO services by URL optimization:

URL optimization one another important SEO tool to improve search engine ranking.

How to optimize URLs?

Just putting the target keyword into the URL search engine will track it and improve your website ranking.

we keep the track of targeted keywords to give you the best WordPress SEO services.

Detailed SEO report:

We provide detailed SEO reports that provide all the data related to your website like:

Ranking of the website

top ten ranking keyword

top ten ranking keywords within top5

speed optimization report

keyword optimization report

backlink analysis report

competitor analysis report

all you can get is by just availing saukrit WordPress SEO services.

How do SEO services for WordPress websites work:

Hey, guy’s if you have a WordPress website, we will do a detailed SEO audit, and will find out expected keywords which can rank and can beat competitors.

We do the analysis and find the keyword which can impact in a short period of time without hard work

Develop a custom WordPress SEO strategy:

Once the analysis part is done we develop a custom WordPress SEO strategy. According to the goal and industry and current position, as we know same campaign can not work for every website. that’s why we design custom SEO strategies for every WordPress website.

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