How Image Optimization Can Boost Ranking

An optimized image helps to boost ranking, but how? Is there any deep learning method? Actually not. Image optimization is itself a method to boost rank.

This simple math formula states that image optimization is directly proportionate to the speed. In other words, the number of optimized images increases the speed increase. The number of optimized images decreases speed decreases.

What is image optimization??

Image optimization is the process of removing unnecessary data from an image and compressing it to low kilobyte image, as a result, it takes less time to download and boost your website speed.

It’s a method of compressing images without losing quality

Indeed, optimization does not reduce the quality of the image although it provides a good quality image with the right format, dimension, size, resolution, and low file size. As a result, SEO gets improved and create a direct impact on ranking.

When you optimize image it compresses image without losing quality

Image optimization compress images without losing quality:

Image optimization is the method of compressing image without losing quality as it did not change the quality it removes just unnecessary data.

You can use tools to optimize images they compress images without losing quality.

Significance Of Image Optimization:

Images occupy significant visual space, in fact, bloggers use images in a large portion of blog posts. in spite of images with high kilobyte take even more time to download. therefore it is recommended to use an optimized image for the blog post.

Following are the significance of the image optimization

1- Boost Speed

2- Enhance user experience

3- Boost SEO effort

Boost Speed:

Speed one of the major factor that determines the ranking of the blog page on SERP. Even though you have used all other important SEO factors in spite of this if page speed is low you will not get traffic.

A research done by SEMrush on page speed showed that low page speed site gets lower rank on SERP. even though they use all other SEO factors.

The above research indicates that you can’t take a risk to use a simple and unoptimized image.

Tools you can use to check the site speed:

Page speed Insights



Enhance user experience:

Images are the best way to explain a thought. A single image can explain a lot rather than words. after all, images create more impact than a thousand words.

Boost SEO Effort:

Nowadays SEO plays a major role in ranking even you cant not see a single post ranking on SERP without SEO.

There are a hundred of SEO factor that helps to get rank on SERP and this is one of them. It helps to boost SEO by including an Image alt tag and description. simultaneously it gives a boost to speed.

How to do Image optimization:

1–Alt text




5- Format

Alt-text: Use alt-text or alt-attributes with the relevant keyword phrases. actually alt-text is an image tag. it introduces the image when the browser can’t render the image properly.

Title: A proper title gives the best introduction to the search engine. As we know the keyword help to boost ranking. use of keyword in the image help to improve keyword SEO.

Caption: caption improve readability. skimmers like it even more. they try to read heading and caption. it increases engagement with users.

Sitemap: Include site map into google search console as to get images to crawl.

Format: Use of the proper format and proper file size is the key to image optimization. Generally, there are three common formats JPEG, PNF, GIF all these have there positive and negative side use them accordingly.

Image optimization tools or Image optimizer:

To compress your image file size there are the following tools:

JPEG optimizer:

A simple online tool allows you to upload compress and download.


Here you can use 20 images at once. the best thing with this tool is you can see the before and after version of the image.


Another easy tool. simple to upload compress and download.


This simple tool is developed by GitHub.

Online Image Optimizer:

This easy tool comes with a limitation of maximum file size 2.86mb


One of the oldest image optimization tools. gives you to compress an unlimited image with the file size 5mb.

Resize Photos:

One another good tool to use.


Very easy to use simultaneously have categorized sections according to the format of the image.

WordPress plugins:

Smush Image:

Smush one of the best plugin has a one million user base. however, it allows only 50 images to smush at once.


One another good plugin with one lakh user base. help to boost speed even more.

Compress JPEG & PNG images:

Compress JPEG designed by Tinypng Of course, one of the most trusted and old brands. It can be your best choice.

EWWW Image Optimizer:

One another plugin to boost your search engine ranking. it has a seven lakh user base.


reSmush also has a 1 lakh user base. yes, of course, good plugin to use for image optimization.


Friends, there is no need to do the Ph.D. on image optimization. yes, of course, it gives a boost to SEO and speed for that simple overview is enough to understand. I hope you got my point with a simple overview.

Now it’s your turn to include more tools and plugin you think they are good to use.

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