5 Best Tool For Technical SEO


Technical SEO is the most important thing for SEO lets know the tools and uses them for your blog.

1- Google Search console

GSC Improve site performance on google search.


GSC help to measure site search traffic and performance fix issues and make your site to perform better on a google search result.

to get more about search console go to backlinko and learn it step by step.

2 – Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools. If you implement it wisely it will help you a lot.

Google Analytics helps you to determine traffic issue, penalties and a lot more.


It is Free to use you will not have to spend a single penny for it just spend your brain collect data and do the analysis of it.

3 – Google Page Speed insights

Speed is one of the key factors on the internet. If your website is loading slowly it might be possible you are losing potential traffic.


You can solve the speed problem with the help of google page speed insights.

To get a deep knowledge, you can visit speedboostr.

4- Google Mobile-Friendly Testing

If you rely on the only desktop and laptop internet user it means you are losing a large number of mobile traffic.

today mobile internet user base is huge so you can’t afford to let them go.

To attract the mobile internet user your site should be mobile friendly and this tool can help you to make the mobile-friendly site.


5 – Screaming Frog

This tool can help you identify some of the basic things that are so important for SEO like –

Missing Page title

Meta Description and Meta Keyword

Images with the big file size

Error in response code, URLs and canonical

Pagination issues

International SEO diagnosis


I find it very effective for technical SEO.


Technical SEO can be solved with some tools I found it easy to get 70% technical score.

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