What is organic traffic how to get it

Definition –

traffic that comes from the search engine like (Google, Bing, Yahoo) with the help of keyword without spending any penny on advertisement called organic traffic.

it is different from –

1- social media traffic

2- Direct traffic

3- Paid traffic

Let’s understand the organic traffic step by step

Step 1-

Let’s suppose a searcher search for “technology”

Step -2

The search engine searched the result from his database and produce the result within a second.

Step -3

Searcher enters any of the sites and reads the article now searcher becomes a unique visitor for that site and will be counted as organic traffic.

suppose searcher enters into BBC blog website, as a result, he will be counted as traffic for BBC blog.

As we know organic traffic plays a very important role in revenue generation so it is popular demand between bloggers to get organic traffic.

So here the question comes-

How to increase organic traffic

to increase organic traffic, first of all, you will have to understand about SEO

furthermore, get some tips of technical SEO, as a result, you will be able to write SEO friendly blog and can do technical SEO of your blog,

But how SEO helps to get Organic traffic –

As we know millions of data is being submitted by blogger when searcher search any data on search engine it produces very specific data to searcher related to search

The reason that SEO makes your data relevant to the specific topic.

As a result, when searcher search any data for that you have done SEO will come on to the first position

now get some method that can generate traffic for you

Method to generate organic traffic

to generate traffic you will have to follow some method-

1- Write specific and good content

2- Try your content to be in a google featured snippet

3- Rewrite underperforming content

4- Competitor link analysis

5- Create linkable content

Let’s get it in detail-

Write specific and good content to get organic traffic.

In the domain of blogging, content is the king so do more research for the content try to be more specific on a particular topic

don’t write for google write for the user. Users should be in your mind while writing the content.

Returning users improve the website domain authority. and it is only possible when you provide the relevant content.

Try your content to be in a google featured snippet.

writing google friendly content can lead the chance to get selected for Google snippet.

once your article gets selected in google snippet your blog will get huge traffic.

Rewrite underperforming content

Always do the analytics of your blog post and identify underperforming post.

As you get the list of underperforming blog try to rewrite them.

Competitor link analysis –

competitor analysis can lead to improving your blog try to find out whats the factor working form him for the same topic.

once analysis was done to try to do the same thing for your blog.

Create linkable content

Creating a linkable content can lead to giving you a huge backlink with the help of that you can improve your ranking.


It takes time to get organic traffic you have to invest time and do a lot of research to get organic traffic.

You don’t know when you will get the result but you can achieve some other goal.

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