How rit SEO can boost search traffic

Rit SEO is the art of targeting the right information for the unique user

RIT – Right information targeting

As we know rit SEO help to improve the content and website performance.

It’s the art of summarising content and making it user friendly

Rit SEO “right information targeting” with Right Keyword:

The selection of the right keyword is the first step of information targeting.

Here you select the right keyword on which your site can get users.

If keyword selection is wrong your information go buried into the ocean of internet

I have explained keyword search metrics in another article you can read that article for right keyword selection.

Best Tool of SEO For Keyword Research

Selection of right keyword is important so keep in mind these terms while selecting keyword

Search volume :

The number of users searching a particular keyword called search volume


50 thousand users searching for information about SEO they enter the SEO into the google search engine and search.

It means SEO keyword has a search volume of 50000 (fifty thousand).

Keyword difficulty:

Keyword difficulty is external metrics designed by renowned tools like:

  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Moz

It means keyword difficulty is not the product of Google and google don’t provide any data by which you can measure keyword difficulty

The reason that you get variation in keyword difficulty score

Each and every tool have their own criteria according to that they measure the keyword difficulty score.

Domain authority:

One another metric to decide website authority. Similar to keyword difficulty it’s not a product of google but designed by reputed SEO tools.


A very powerful technique to rank in SERP. Backlink help to improve domain authority of the website.

Keyword difficulty does not matter for a powerful backlink.

It means your content can rank on SERP if you have a good and quality backlink.

Try to avoid selecting keyword which has quality backlink high keyword difficulty and high domain authority

Rit SEO speed strategy:

Speed one another factor to improve on-page SEO. The search engine selects the best result according to content and SEO.

If page speed is low raking of the page start decline so always try to give the best page speed by removing unnecessary cache from the site.

Rit SEO image optimization:

Optimized images help to boost page speed because it takes less time to download.

There are various tools available which can help you to optimize image and they are free of cost

I have explained the topic in details way you can get the tools links from there.

How Image Optimization Can Boost Ranking

It’s the process of removing unnecessary data from the image.

Title and URL setting RIT SEO:

The selection of title and URL actually part of on-page optimization.

But they play a major role in improving page rank on SERP


Right information targeting (RIT SEO) is an art as well as a science. You will have to do various things to do.

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