How does social media affect SEO

Does social media affect SEO? do share on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Pinterest actually help to get noticed by google.

Actually, Delima’s situation starts with the statement of Google’s Matt Cutts he releases a video saying that social indicators like Twitter retweet Facebook like does not impact google’s ranking.

After the statement, most bloggers start believing it is a waste of time and money spent on social followers.

but a survey done by Hootsuite on social media impact on SEO produced different results. experiment with top social share received 22% growth in traffic.

the result indicates clearly there is a relation between social share and google ranking

you might have noticed that content with high social share retweet and like get a higher rank on google.

it’s true there is no direct relation between social media and SEO but there is an indirect relation between them.

Let’s go deeper to understand the relationship between social media and SEO

What role does social media play in an SEO strategy?

Social Media content get crawled by google so they get indexed

Help to increase page authority and domain authority

It helps to increase the quality backlink

Help to build a strong audience base in another word increases following

It helps to increase brand value

Help to understand audience intent

Increase local contact

Let’s understand these points in-depth and how they help in SEO

Social Media content gets crawled

It’s simple, any of the content available on the web gets crawled by google. Googlebot tries to find all the content available on the web and if you do not restrict Googlebot web content gets crawled.

Importance of social media in SEO-

The importance of social share on SEO can not be ignored.

we know by survey and experiment social share doesn’t create a direct impact. It creates an indirect impact.

Like it provides high visibility. as much as the post will get like and shared visibility of the post increases.

As a result, you get traffic from there and your domain authority increases.

Do we have to need to do social SEO?

One single factor can not improve the SEO of your blog post.

To get the improvement in SEO you will have to do on-page SEO off-page SEO social SEO.

From the above experiment,

you can say that social SEO is a really important part of SEO and it is important to like on-page and off-page SEO

List to Keep in mind while considering the importance of social media on SEO

Don’t expect Building links on social media can increase domain authority.

Content on social sites gets buried within minutes.

All the likes and retweets can not be genuine.

Sometimes followers click the link without having an interest in the topics this type of unusual click increases the bounce rate.


Social SEO is important as well as other SEO factors. Due to the large customer base, it plays important role in getting traffic. so it is highly recommendable to do social SEO.

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