The Best Keyword Selection Guide

Hey, friends are you struggling to get the right keyword for your blog?

Did you learn about keyword research from various blogs and youtube videos but still did not get the right way…

There are millions of blog post articles and video content available on keyword research

Guy’s if you don’t want to read this lengthy post and want an easy method for keyword search then follow these simple steps

Step 1 – Change google search setting which shows only 10 results on first page make it 50 or 100

Step 2 – Install chrome extension which shows you domain authority of listed website ranking on a search term

Note: I’m using Moz (you can use according to your choice)

Step 3 – Search for the term related to your niche you will get the result like this

You can see in the image first site Page authority is 45 backlinks 177 and domain authority 54

In the second site Page authority is 48 backlinks 606 and domain authority 60

Step – 4 Select the website which has domain authority near to your site domain authority

Example – suppose your site have domain authority 40 then you can select the site between the range of 35 domain authority to 45 domain authority

Collect these sites and make a list of these sites on one another excel sheet

Step 5 – Now put the site into Semrush, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest any one tool which you use

You will get the list of the keyword on which they are ranking

Actually you will get the keyword from websites which have domain authority similar to you

Collect all these keywords in another excel sheet by setting columns of search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, and CTR

You can do it another way just put all the sites one by one in to the tools without knowing domain authority

Export the excel sheet and search for the low difficulty keyword

Make a list of all the low difficulty keyword

Now put them in to search engine do the analysis of top ten performing sites on that keyword

If the top 10 is mixed with low and high domain authority sites target the keyword for your blog post

It the top 10 is showing only high domain authority sites leave the keyword

Now let’s learn step by step

Here in this article for your suitability, I will explain from the basic

Let’s start learning keyword meaning:

Analysis of key terms that are being used on search engines to find some answers known as keyword research


If you want to know about blogging and you enter the question like this-

How to start blogging


How to start making money from blogging

here the key term is “blogging”

Now analysis on a key term (blogging) is keyword research

what we do in analysis or in keyword research is a very lengthy part you will learn about it step by step lets know about “keyword optimization”.

Implementation of these key term into your blog according to search engine guideline known as keyword optimization


Our key term is “blogging”

while writing an article post I use “blogging” and related word to tell the google

The article post is related to blogging and information is related to blogging.

Now google boats start analyzing the article post and if they found it a perfect article for the particular key term google will start producing it on the search engine ranking page.

keyword optimization is also a lengthy subject you will learn about it into this article step by step


Here the question is why to do keyword research and keyword optimization.


Why keyword research?

It’s simply due to tough competition you should do the keyword research and keyword optimization.

what does it mean tough competition?

The presence of internet is increasing day by day and the number of blogger and writer is also increasing

They write the blog on the same key term and explain according to their own knowledge

Now search engine has millions of data or answers on the same key term as a result it produces the best result on SERP

to analyze the best result search engine have designed the guideline and we know these guidelines as SEO (search engine optimization)

Keyword research & keyword optimization help to cater to these tough competition

But to know about why keyword research you will have to understand search engine demand

  • Provide best and quality content
  • Do research on keyword according to topic
  • Search intent

To fulfill these demand of the search engine you should do the research

But before starting your mission of keyword research you should ask some question from your self

To whom you are going to serve your content:-

It means who is your user and what is their demand

If you understand your user you can produce the best content according to them

Let’s understand keyword research step by step:

Chapter – 1

Basic’s of keyword research

As I explained above analysis of the key term is called keyword research.

A single and good keyword can popularize your blog on the internet. The keyword is a gateway to bring traffic to your website.

As a result, every blogger spend his large proportion of time in keyword analysis

If you know which keyword is going to help your site to rank on SERP you can be champion of the digital marketing


“Analysis of word or phrase that helps search engine to produce search result”

According to Google “Keyword research is the method of analyzing key term used by searcher”

According to Wikipedia:

Keyword research is a practice search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to find and research alternative search terms that people enter into search engines while looking for a similar subject

Importance of keyword research:

As we know the internet have reached 50% of the population think about the potential customer you can get them from the internet.

You just need to know how to make available your content to them

And the keyword is the base of all these things

even you know the digital market can not take place without knowing the keyword.

The keyword helps in content drawing as if you know the keyword you can write the content related to the keyword.

Before digging a keyword, you should know the types of keyword

They help to understand the search intent.

There are four types of keyword:

  • Informational queries
  • Navigational queries
  • Transactional queries
  • Commercial investigation
  • Local queries

Informational queries:

If the user wants information about a particular thing here the demand of a user is information

He wants to learn or want to know about the product or services

Wikipedia defines it as:- Queries that cover a broad topic (e.g., colorado or trucks) for which there may be thousands of relevant results.

In informational queries, the user wants an answer to his question that’s why it’s very hard to target these types of keyword

Because Google knows the importance of informational topics site like Wikipedia is the best example of a basic information site.

To cater these type of topic you should take the reference of some relevant sites and renowned authors


Create a full blog post:- Full blog post with detailed explanation is the key to success in information search queries

Create a How-To video:- how-to video provide relevant information to users as a result it can be useful in informational search

Take help of Infographics:- Infographics are the images with full of information search engine consider them as an informational source

Create Step by Step Guide:- Step by Step guide with full of information boost site ranking on SERP


How to make a cake?

What is SEO?

what is the keyword?

How to use google search console?

What is Wikipedia?

Here user behavior is to know about somethingNavigational queries

Navigational queries:

Here users want to land on some particular website these are targeted queries to reach somewhere.

Wikipedia explains it as ” Queries that seek a single website or web page of a single entity (e.g., youtube or delta air lines). “


Facebook, Youtube, Google, Yahoo, Gmail,

Transactional queries:

It’s simple user want to purchase goods or services transactional queries shows buying intent

Wikipedia explains it as ” Queries that reflect the intent of the user to perform a particular action, like purchasing a car or downloading a screen saver. “

Most important queries from the perspective of ROI.

Including buying tab images help to boost these types of queries

The search engine gives more attention to these types of queries because most of the adword ad takes place for these types of keywords

Here CPC plays an important role so always check CPC for a transactional type of keyword


User asks for the product price

What is the price of the latest laptop?

What is the price of the latest mobile?

Best office chairs?


It means he wants to purchase the product showing buying intent

Long-tailed keyword help more in transactional queries which you will get later as you can see “chairs” and “best office chairs” both are transactional queries but different in search volume

Commercial investigation:

A user wants to know about the product or services there is a slight difference between a commercial investigation and transactional queries

Or you can say both are similar queries

Transactional queries take place just after commercial investigation

User starts investigating about the product or services as he gets satisfied the transactional process started


Which AC to purchase LG or Samsung?

It means he is doing a competitive analysis of brands

Local queries:

Locally targeted queries very helpful for location-based local SEO

If you want to penetrate between the local market you should start practicing the use of local queries based keyword

Very useful in long-tailed keyword


Ethical SEO Service provider in the USA “one of the best example of local query

How to kick start keyword research

The first step to start research is a topic selection


  • SEO
  • Technology
  • Blog
  • Travel
  • Medicine
  • Website
  • Food
  • Animal
  • knowledge

These are all vast topics you can select any topic on which you have knowledge and expertise

Like SEO is a core topic and

  • Keyword
  • meta tag
  • URL structure
  • title tag
  • backlink
  • on-page SEP
  • Off-page SEO

All these are subtopic of SEO you can find N number of keyword from these topics

After the selection of topic, you need a keyword research tool

Chapter – 2

Keyword research tools

There are various tools available they can help you in

Keyword to success


  • Semrush
  • Ahref
  • Ubersuggest
  • Moz
  • Keyword surfer
  • Keyword everywhere
  • Wordstream
  • SEO book
  • Google adword keyword planner
  • Adword & SEO Keyword permutation generator
  • Google correlate
  • Google keyword suggestion
  • Wikipedia
  • Amazon
  • IM for SBM bulk keyword generator
  • Keyword In
  • Soovle
  • Wordtracker scout
  • Kwfinder
  • Spyfu
  • Woorank
  • Bing search suggestion
  • Yahoo search suggestion
  • Google trend for new topics
  • Facebook
  • Quora question
  • Forums

These tools are useful for blog keyword generation

Actually they are not keyword maker they just help you in keyword searches

You just need to select core Key Words as I mentioned select the topics put them into keyword tools and you will start getting all the results of the related keyword.

it’s simple as you get suggested results from the search engine because search engines have a large database

similar to search engine Key Word search tool also maintain a large database of Key Words.

And you get accurate keyword key to success

Always select a unique keyword and hit that.

I have discussed this topic in another article of keyword search

Once the research is done now go for the selection of keyword

Chapter – 3

How to select a keyword

Selection of keyword is the most important part of the blog writing it can make your blog awesome or it can break

Keyword selection depends upon various factors

  • Keyword difficulty
  • Organic CTR (click-through rate)
  • Keyword search volume
  • Keyword CPC
  • Search intent
  • top 10 ranking website on SERP
  • Searched Keyword trend
  • The domain authority of website ranking on a particular keyword
  • Backlink strength of website ranking on a particular keyword

Keyword Difficulty:

What difficulty score level can rank on SERP

Difficulty score for every website is different because every domain have its own value to rank on a particular keyword

Every difficulty score can not be perfect for every website

Keyword difficulty is the matrix designed by SEO tools like –

  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Moz

Etc. etc. but it plays a very important role in the ranking of the keyword

If you target low difficulty keyword it will get rank easily.

But here is a problem every tool have their own criteria to define keyword difficulty

You will get different keyword difficulty score on every SEO tools

Problem is which one to choose

for this you will have to do the analysis of SERP page from there you can get ownself the idea of keyword difficulty

As it has been observed long-tail keyword have low keyword difficulty score against the short keyword

Organic CTR

CTR – Click-through rate you should check the CTR before selecting a keyword.

AS you know due to some new features like a featured snippet and advertisement your actual position can not be fist even if you are ranking the first position.

It has been observed google started showing three to four ads before showing the organic result.

As a result, if the search volume of the keyword is one thousand you will get only a hundred or two hundred organic visitors even if you are ranking on the first position.

Keyword search volume:

Keyword volume is the number of unique visitors entering the word or phrase in to search engine

Guy’s it’s fact that you can not get the exact volume data because low volume keyword data can not be accurate

But high volume keyword data are approximately right

As a result, always try to pick up a high volume keyword

Keyword CPC -:

CPC Cost per click why you should now about the cost per click

Guy’s suppose if you want to advertise your blog and CPC is low then it will be beneficial for you

one another theory can be if the CPC is high you will get high revenue from the advertisement

You just need to be clear with your purpose

Search intent:

One of the most important parts of SEO but why

Google wants the most relevant answers for there user if you know the intent of using your selection of keyword will be good

And content related to that keyword comes easily in the top ten.

Search intent of the keyword help in content creation

If you know what user want you can create content according to his demand

It will help to popularise your blog because a satisfied customer will give the best review to your site

Targeting wrong content with keyword create a negative impact on a blog article

your post can not reach in the top ten because it’s against the guideline of search engine

If your content can not fulfill the need of the customer so what’s the use of promoting that content.

Top ten ranking website on SERP:

Top ten ranking website gives you an idea about content, backlink, search intent, content template

This will help you to write better content against your competitor

By analyzing you can know the domain authority of the sites if the keyword ranking with a high domain authority website

you will have to work hard to get rank on that keyword

it is advisable to level the keyword and try for a new one maybe you can get the better keyword at the same time and effort

Keyword trend

Keyword trend help to understand the season of keyword search

Like: If the keyword shows upward trend only in the festival you should not target it on a casual day

Keyword related to Christmas get higher rank in December so you should target only in December

Other days are useless for this type of keyword.

Some outdated keyword shows a downward trend you should not focus on these type of keyword

As they are no more important will not get the higher search volume in future


What is the best message for Christmas?

What can I say instead of Merry Christmas?

These are suggested keyword you should target only in December

The domain authority of the website ranking on a particular keyword:

Domain authority shows the strength of the website if you observe any website ranking for the keyword which have higher domain authority against your website it will take more effort to rank on that keyword

It is advisable to target another keyword or find any long-tailed keyword related to that

A low domain authority site can not compete with a high domain authority site

Backlink strength:

You should always analyze the backlink strength of website ranking on that keyword

If you to can get the same backlink then go and hit the keyword

Let’s do some exercise for keyword selection

Example 1 :

When I searched for a keyword like “football”

I get the top ten result of ranking sites for the key term with 90plush domain authority 1000plush backlink 1000plush content length

what should I do should I target the keyword


Because the keyword difficulty is very high

For this, I will have to find out long-tailed keyword

Chapter – 4

Long-tailed keyword -:

The more specific more targeted keyword with the length of four-words phrases or above that

The term long-tail keyword comes from the book The Long Tail by Chris Anderson

Long-tail keywords are search terms with relatively low search volume and competition levels -: Brian Dean

Yes, that’s true you can get a high conversion rate with a long tail-keyword because they are relatively low competitive

As the competition is getting high in the blogging industry long-tailed keyword can be a ray of hope for new bloggers

The long-tailed keyword is low search volume keyword although they provide higher conversion rate

Due to the specific and targeted approach

Due to the low competition, it’s easy to rank on lengthy phrases

These keywords are packed with the specification of location and features

You can do the research for a long-tail keyword by

  • Location
  • category
  • data range
  • segmentation
  • season
  • statistics

Long-tail keyword research by location:

Enter the keyword into the search engine get the keyword suggestion. add them with the targeted location again search them do the analysis of new keyword and hit them

You can add popular places, country, and town or city

Adding town is more specific and targeted it can help you rank easily


“Ethical SEO service provider in the USA”

In the above keyword, you can see the user is searching for the location of USA and specifying with ethical SEO


My website is an article related blog website and 2-month-old what should be a good keyword?


From the above question, it is clear it’s a new website and can not rank on competitive keyword

And we know long-tailed keyword arent competitive the approach for these types of the website should be

Targeted and specific keyword

For a new website, a specific location-based keyword can be beneficial.

Category based long-tail keyword:

Adding category into keyword can help you to generate new long-tails keyword

Select blog keyword generation tools enter the core term and millions of keyword related to that term

Select the long-tail keyword according to category


LG 1.5 ton split AC price

Here you can see the specification window AC to Split AC and LG as a brand above other brands

Data based long-tail keyword research:

Adding data of past or research into keyword can specify keyword as long tail


Add of comparison-based data also specify keyword

This way you can research long-tail keyword by specifying data

Segmentation based long-tail keyword research:

Specifying keyword with a particular segment like in the technology segment

You can categorize it with television, mobile, Ac

There are various segment available in the technology segment

you can add specific segment with the keyword

And can find a low competitive specific keyword

Season based long-tail keyword research:

Season base keyword like

  • Chrismas
  • Eid
  • Holi
  • Deepawali
  • Hollywood event

Many more festival and event-related keyword

Statistics based keyword research:

Adding statistics with the keyword generates a new long-tail keyword it specifies it with statistics.

You can use them to rank easily on SERP

Chapter – 5

Keyword density

How many times the keyword appears in the blog post out of total blog post words known as keyword density

According to Wikipedia:- Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. In the context of search engine optimization, keyword density can be used to determine whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase.

Keyword density in SEO plays an important role

The formula to calculate keyword density for SEO purpose is

Number of times a specific keyword used in the blog post / Total analyzed word in a blog post * 100


where Nkr = where Nkr is how many times you repeated a specific keyword,

Tkn = total words in the analyzed text

While Calculating the density of Keyword Phrase the formula would be:- (Nkr*Nwp / Tkn)*100

Nwp =  number of words in the phrase

Note: Keyword density is not equal to Keyword phrase density

The most common question asked what should be keyword density for a blog post

And how much keyword density is good for SEO

It should be 0.7% or 1% or 2%, 10%, or 50%?

When I was doing research I acknowledge some SEO experts say Bold keyword to rank higher

Guy’s these are myth there are no common recipes for keyword

I mean there is not any research which says this keyword density percentage would be good

Neither Bold keyword help to rank higher

Avoid doing these falsely stuffs

As using keyword, again and again, considered as keyword stuffing

Your blog post will get penalized for stuffing

When you use more keyword in a blog post it gets rank higher for first some days

But after three to four days it starts declining and at last disappeared from SERP

watch Matt Cutts video for more clarification

I hope you are clear with keyword density always try to give unique and relevant content to users

Relevant content gives an indication to the search engine which helps in ranking

Solve the user’s issues in the best manner. If you use the keyword once or twice in relevant content that would be good for content to outperform

Address the issues of users not search engine actually if you solve the problem of users search engine problem automatically resolved

Keyword stuffing:

“Keyword stuffing” refers to the practice of loading a webpage with keywords or numbers in an attempt to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google search results. Often these keywords appear in a list or group, or out of context (not as natural prose).

According to Wikipedia:-Keyword stuffing is a search engine optimization (SEO) technique, considered webspam or spamdexing, in which keywords are loaded into a web page’s meta tags, visible content, or backlink anchor text in an attempt to gain an unfair rank advantage in search engines

Using the keyword, again and again, is a spammy trick to lure search engine for your content

Search engines are enough smart to track these spammy tricks

Filling auto-generated content or low-quality content with a keyword can not help you to outrank on SERP

Keyword stuffing considers as low-quality content read raters guideline.

Lacking in purpose, low quality no meaning full content are known as low-quality content.


As per me, keyword research is easier than you think but the problem is a selection of keyword because if you can not select keywords according to yo your website nature then there is a problem all things depend on the selection of keyword

You know the capabilities of your website so you can select a good keyword according to your site

I hope you got my point

suggestions are welcome and will be added into next update

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