How to find unique visitors in google analytics

Unique visitors in google analytics are the first time visitor on the site or app.

A unique visitor or active user chart shows the engagement with your site or app.

Google analytics the foremost powerful tool for digital analytics out there these days it’s a tool for data analysis of your site or app. and unique visitor google analytics is part of that data analysis.

Cookies stored by google analytics with the help of unique id show all the metrics related to users.

Google analytics count users as a unique visitor on google analytics when cookies get stored for the first time on the devices or web used by a user to reach on your site or app. for a specific time duration.

But it doesn’t mean he can not be counted as a unique visitor when he visits your site or app for a second time. A little bit confusing yes…

Let’s understand by example:


Suppose if you visited the site on 1 June 2020 and again 11 June 2020 and again 21 June 2020 and at last 30 June 2020 you will be counted as a signal unique visitor for the month of June.

But if I change the analysis date range from 1 May 2020 to 1 June 2020 and 2 June 2020 to 1 July 2020 you will be counted as two unique visitors once for the month of May and once for the month of June.

Note: In the above example you can be counted as four times unique visitor but I will have to select analysis date 1st June 2020 to 10 June 2020 again 11 June 2020 to 20 June 2020 again 21 June 2020 to 29 June 2020 and at last 30 June 2020 to 1 July 2020.

The official definition of “unique visitors” by Google Analytics is ” First time user (counted as only once) on your website or app over the specific time period.

How to understand unique visitor in google analytics

Let’s understand it with examples


Suppose any visitor visited your site constantly for the two months and you analyzed both month data at once he will be counted as a single unique visitor. Yes, he is a unique visitor for both of the months but when you do the analysis of both months separately.

I hope you are clear with the unique visitor of google analytics.

A unique session on google analytics gives a clear picture of the session. A unique visitor google analytics can create more sessions so always relay on unique sessions.

Web browser impact on google analytics unique visitors

Web browser can change the data of google analytics unique users.


suppose you have installed “google chrome Mozilla safari and internet explorer” google analytics design of cookies are different for all the web browsers.

Now each and every web browser will install google analytics cookies in their features and provide user data individually.

Note: Google incognito window mode has a feature to delete history and cookies.

Now if you are using the incognito window google analytics will count you as a unique visitor for each and every session

You can not get accurate data for unique visitors on the website due to the unique features of a web browser.

But its also true generally users use only one web browser and common web browser feature.

So there can not be a very big difference in data mismatch.

Device impact on unique visitors google analytics

The abundance of devices can also impact google analytics unique visits Like-





Generally, I use a mobile device some time I use a laptop for web surfing suppose if I am your website or app visitor I will be counted as two unique visitors for your site or app.

As we know office users have access to may devices so they can manipulate data of unique visitors by using different devices.

Google analytics monthly unique visitors vs weekly unique visitor

Guy’s some time unique monthly visitors google analytics can be the same as weekly unique visitor google analytics.

Suppose unique user visited your website or app for the first week and consequently in the second week and third as well as the fourth week

Now when you select the data for monthly unique visitor google analytics they will be the same as a weekly unique visitor.

Here you will get the same unique visitor or every week and same for the month

Let’s understand it with my work Experience story-

I was doing SEO for x company the company owner asked me for the first week, unique visitor, I said 10000 after the second week he asked

How many visitors we got I said 10000

in the third week, the same thing happens and again in the fourth week my answer was the same 10000

After the fourth week on the last date of the month, he said Saurabh good keep it up we got 40000 unique visitors he was very happy

But I told him nor sir we got only 10000 unique visitors after listing this he was amazed he asked how

I explained, him about unique visitor actually the visitor was the same for the second week and third week and for the fourth week

So it’s possible unique monthly visitors google analytics can be the same as weekly unique visitor google analytics

What are unique visitors in Google analytics:

Unique visitors are the user matric shown in google analytics chart

How to find monthly unique visitors in google analytics

You just need to select the date range of the data you want to see and you will get the result like this

User = unique visitors

How unique visitors in Google Analytics can help you to improve website traffic

There are various ways by which unique visitors google analytics can help to understand website matrics and increase of traffic-

Like by providing data of:





Demography of unique user:

Demography of unique user helps us to understand the age and sex. The data you are providing on your website or app liked by which age group and what is there gender.

Like if you know the age of the unique user then you can improve your content according to that. as you are writing for youth are they liking your content or not.

The second thing is sex content is popular between a male unique user or female unique user it will also help you to improve your content.

Age and sex also help when you paste affiliate link according to the user you can paste product affiliate link it helps to increase the revenue of the site.

The behavior of unique visitors:

Behavior plays a very important role to understand user priority.

With the behavior of a unique visitor, you can know the retention time and frequency of visitor

How much time he spends on your site and which page liked by him most all you can know by behavior.

The page is getting most hit you can paste another page link on that page it will help to improve unique visitor retention time.

Unique visitor devices:

You can know the device is being used by a unique user if most of the user using mobile devices you can improve your page according to mobile device

If he is using a desktop device you can improve according to that.

Unique users geography:

The geography of unique users helps us to understand the location and language.

Your site or app is popular among which location what is their interest and what is their language

You can improve according to location and language.

Q- so is it free or paid tool

of course, like several Google products, it’s a completely free program, makes it even a lot of appealing.

it’s Google’s free net analytics service that enables you to research in-depth detail regarding the unique user on your web site.

let’s get the valuable insights of Analytics

As we know today the majority of the companies have an internet presence through an internet site.

That’s why it becomes vital for you to find out the inner structure of your web site to examine whether or not it’s accomplishing its purpose or not

Getting a unique user to google analytics report or not.

So for this what do you need to understand

For this, you would like to understand the main points of what unique visitors.

What they do after visiting your site?

How long they stay on your site and what pages they do the search.

” You must have listened to the old story there is nothing for free but it is wrong in the case of analytics

Google doesn’t charge you something for the exploitation of Google Analytics. You don’t get to pay for something factor to use this product.

“But here the question is” can analytics help you get unique visitor patterns? that help you to understand unique visitor behavior.

Actually Analytics may be a powerful application for chasing unique visitor patterns on your web site. by that, you can understand unique visitor behavior.

considering the general public google has designed it very well it is very easy to use.

Do we have the need to submit data into the analytics or it collects automatically

Guy’s it’s true you don’t have a need to perform any action to get information Google analytics will do all the work for you.

Analytics features a feature that reduces the work that’s needed to place Google Analytics information into Google Docs, Sites, or Spreadsheets.

All you need to do set up the Google Analytics account and duplicate a straightforward piece of code on your web site.

This will change Google Analytics to begin assembling information from your web site mechanically and build reports consequently.

Easy integration with other tools and platforms

Easy integration with other tools makes it popular.

You can integrate it with other tools and can get maximum benefit by refining your data

How Google analytics help to improve sites:

There are various thing that is being provided by google analytics:

  • User management
  • account linking
  • views
  • goals
  • solutions gallery
  • dashboard
  • custom report
  • segmentation
  • event tracking
  • data visualization

Unique user management:

Google Analytics provides you unique features. You can increase the users of your google analytics account

It’s up to you what role you want to assign them to view edit or manage the property.

You just need to go to the admin section and click on the user management tab from there you can add manager of google analytics account.

Unique account linking:

Google analytics account advanced features give you the advantage to link your google search console and google ads account.

By this, you can track the impression and ctr rate.

Unique views matrics:

You can set up views matrics according to your own convenience usually google analytics give default view chart flow.

But you can filter according to your own ways.

Unique goal setting:

Google analytics help to set up a unique goal you can select your own temple for your convenience.

There you can manage views unique visitors and many more things.

Unique solution gallery:

The solution gallery is very unique you can import the temple or customized goal setting from there and can use them for your google analytics account.

Unique Dashboard:

Google analytics unique dashboard gives you unique features to customize your dashboard according to your own method and convenience.

You can add some additional weight to refine your views.

Unique custom report:

You can prepare a custom report according to your need.

Reports and feedback are part of the improvement you can not improve website without having a clear and good report.

unique segmentation:

You can do the segmentation according to customer behavior and interest.

Unique event tracking:

You can track any event of your website an can know ups and down in unique visitors.


Unique visitors in google analytics matrics help in various ways to improve site performance.

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