How To Use Video For A Successful SEO Strategy

Today’s digital marketing is operating on a simple principle ‘Go visual, go viral’.  If you are adopting video marketing as your digital marketing strategy, you are going to see results in no time. The reason is that being human, we tend to understand and memorize visuals more than audio. You are more likely to remember a brand if you watched its TV commercial as compared to the one whose ad you read in a magazine. The reason is that motion pictures affect our brain more than black and white lines in an article.

If you are looking for ways to make your SEO strategy successful, then you need to learn video editing skills. Because a good video can attract more customers than any other form of content. If you are not sure what a video does for a brand, and how you can optimize your video content for a successful SEO strategy, then here are some tips for you.

How Does A Video Help In Digital Marketing?

Videos can elevate your presence online. It helps to build an emotional connection with the clients. The message you want to send to your customers can be explained in a better way through a video rather than through words. Here are some ways a video can help you achieve business goals.

1.      Create More Backlinks

If you create attractive and creative videos, the viewers would like to share the video with friends and family. The more ‘shares’ your video gets, the more backlinks it creates. A video can bring you more audience with little effort. People like to know the origin of the content they have in hand, and if they like it, they would want to look at more content from the same business. Therefore, backlinks can be useful in tracing the customers back to your business.

2.      Increase Conversion Rates

Business experts believe that customers are more likely to believe in review videos before buying any product. For instance, if a woman wants to buy makeup brushes, she will watch a dozen videos of different brands before making a final decision. Therefore, if you are providing relevant content in your video, you can significantly improve conversion rates for your business.

3.      Improve Brand Awareness

Videos create better brand awareness. A video can help businesses create an emotional connection with their customers. Therefore, customers will talk about your video and share it on multiple platforms, thus improving your brand awareness along with brand visibility over the internet.

How To Optimize Your Videos

To make your video work for you, you need to optimize it with certain tactics. Just like you would optimize your website and other content with SEO tools, video needs to be optimized as well. Firstly, you should make sure that your video complies with different formats. Use an online video editor to make your video compatible with the platform you want to upload it.

You should follow these steps to make sure your video is giving you the results you desire.

1.      Provide Metadata

Metadata is the important information written on the search engine page along with the HTML address. Your metadata should include a comprehensive title of your video, some specific keywords, and a description of the video. When you provide all this information, your video stands a higher chance to be listed among the top searches on the search engine result page. Secondly, the keywords will help crawlers of the search engine to prioritize your content.

2.      Use Keywords Wisely

If you know SEO, you must be familiar with the importance of keywords. Keywords are the specific phrases and words that can make search engines understand that your content is highly relevant to the query of the user. To choose keywords, make sure you do not choose crowded keywords. The selection of keywords should be done with great care and through proper research.

3.      Provide Video Transcript

Subtitles, captions, and video transcripts are all the same thing. They all provide the information given in the video in simple words. Providing subtitles in your video can improve the user experience. If a customer is watching your video, however, due to some reason he is unable to understand what is being said in the video, then the entire purpose of the video is flawed. Make sure your viewers understand your message.

4.      Optimize For Mobile

Make sure that the video you are providing is compatible with different devices. Most users visit websites through mobile phones. If you have uploaded your video on your website, then make sure it is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. Youtube videos can be watched on desktop computers and smartphones alike. However, websites need to be optimized in mobile phone format. Otherwise, you are risking a wide audience base.

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