Meta tag made simple: A step by step guide

Meta tag or meta element is A group of a word written in HTML form help to define the specific web page content.

Actually, it is a part of the head section

Meta elements are tags used in HTML and XHTML documents to provide structured metadata about a Web page – source Wikipedia

What is metadata?

Metadata is data about data in another word it is data which is provided by meta tag

Metadata determines what a search engine displays when your page shows up in the SERPs

Google search console sends the data using meta tag information to search engines in fact it uses this information to index your page on search engines.

Meta tag work from the behind of the page user they are reding on your page can not see these tags.

these essential tags give direction to search engine about the page

How to check meta tags

If you want to use tools you can get free tools to check meta tags like Small SEO tool.

You can check it by yourself just click the right button of the mouse on the page you want the tag.

Here you get the view source page just click on that.

Important list of meta tag-

The most important part of the meta tag can be attributed into four-part

Meta title tag
Meta keyword
Meta description
Mata robots

These part perform the highest implication on SEO

Meta title tag:

What is the title tag?

The title tag is the first impression of your web content it appears in the web browser of the searcher.


First impresion is the last impression


HTML element component that identifies the title of a web page is known as “Title Tag”

In other words, A summarised element of the web page that describes your content

As a result, the search engine wants more relevant keywords for the title tags.

Let’s get it with an example:

The above given clickable headline appears on the search engine result page(SERP) as a result of the search of certain keyword.

Therefore it’s usability becomes important specifically for SEO and social share.

Code Example


<title>Example title tag</title>


Criteria for title tag

The search on various search engine shows that title tag with 50 to 60 characters display properly.

As a result, the recommended size is for the title is 50 to 60 characters.

Importance of title tag:

It is not only the tool to guide search engines about the page it is even more.

Of course, they create the first impression on a user that’s why they become more important

It appears in three key places:

1- Social media 2- Web browser 3- Search engine result page

Social Media:

Social media generates huge traffic after search engine. Although social media show title tag without discription.

This is a screenshot of a shared link on Facebook. Although you can use a featured image that can help to describe your post. Despite that title tag is the key.

Web Browser:

The title tag helps the user to identify the tab. As we know there is an option to use to many tabs at once.

For Example

you can see on the screenshot, identification of a particular tab. it’s important it is even more.

Search engine result page:

The title tag determines your display on the search engine result page. on the other hand user experience.

During the display, if the user experience is negative. As a result, you lose your traffic.

During the creation of the title, of course, you should consider all the aspects.

How to write an effective title tag

Title tags are one of the most important factors to determine on-page SEO. As we know the importance of the title tag let’s know how to create an effective title tag.

1-Write a unique title of every page:

Every page of your site is unique so give them a unique title. A unique title can generate huge traffic for you.

A unique title is the only way to compete with other related content.

Specific title for specific content create value there should not be overlap between content and quality of the post

2-Follow the rule of standard length

Search engine display on an average 50-60 character of the title creat title keeping this standard in mind.

3-Include target keyword

Include the targeted keyword at the beginning of the title as search engine work according to an algorithm so it is the best place to use keyword

Ranking of the post does not depend on the only targeted keyword in title tag there are thousand of another factor that determines the ranking of the post and it is one factor among them

As your post provides valuable information to the searcher so your information shout appears for the right keyword.

Equally, keep the difference between the primary keyword and long-tail keyword. creating titles including long-tail keyword help more.

As we know the primary keyword takes time to rank in spite of long-tail keyword takes even less time to rank.

Including a long-tail keyword in the title tag gives more advantages to the post. it can help to rank on SERP.

4- Be descriptive of what on page:

A short title with even more descriptive creates a high user experience. sometimes user clicks on the post but did not find what he is looking for.

As a result bounce rate increases and your ranking on SERP decreases.

5- Keep important sentences in the front:

Always try to keep important sentences on the front side as it creates attention. equally, it can be a ranking factor.

Why Google rewrite title tag:

Some time google rewrite the title tag you do a lot of research invest time even give good title tag. Despite that google rephrase your title tag.

It’s frustrating but there’s various reason google do that.

Google finds that your title is not up to the standard and posts can be even better with suitable title tags.

Meta Description

The meta description is an HTML tag, similarly Title tag. it’s a 160 character snippet used to summarize web page content.

Google displays it on SERP with the title tag. As a result, it’s importance increases even more.

Meta Description in HTML tag

The description in the HTML tag looks like this

<meta name=”Description” content=”Search for web tools information world and bla.. bla.. bla..”>

If you search for google search console into google meta description of GSC look like this

The exact 160 characters including space perfect example of the good meta description.

Why meta description is so much important:

The meta description is part of on-page search engine optimization. it helps to increase the click-through rate.

One of the top conversion factor help to increase your profit in another word it is profit maximization tool.

It bolded keyword on SERP. when any searcher searches on the search engine page.

Even top of the social network uses it.

How to create a good meta description

Write a good description with the help of the following tips.

Write within character parameter:

Always try to concise your description within the 160 character parameter.

It is the best character length to be used for description although you can go up to 300 characters but try to concise important words within the limit of 160.

Use of active voice sentence:

You should not use active voice in the only description even you should use active voice in blog posts. It increases your readability score.

Include the primary keyword:

Use of keyword does not help in ranking but still, you should use it into the description. because of search engine highlight the keyword on SERP.

Use unique content:

A unique description increases the user experience. don’t create a similar description to create a bad user experience and your ranking decreases. in spite of writing a similar content leave it to on search engine to create the description

Don’t create a false meta description:

You should avoid creating false descriptions as it increases the bounce rate and Google can penalize you.

Does meta description help in the ranking?

According to google’s announcement in September 2009 Meta description and meta keyword are not part of Google algorithm in google ranking factor.

Hint:- Although, they are not part of the ranking factor in spite of that they are very much part of on-page search engine optimization.

Meta Keyword:

The meta keyword is an HTML tag similar to the title tag and meta description. they describe the content shortly and concisely today Meta keyword is irrelevant so I’m not going deeper into it.


Meta title tag and meta description both are important parts of SEO although they are not ranking factors but help to achieve various other goals. like:

Display your web page to increase brand awareness and click-through rate.

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